This Is My Eye: A New York Story

This Is My Eye: A New York Story

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Author: Neela Vaswani

Number Of Pages: 56

Publisher: Candlewick

Release Date: 14-08-2018

Details: It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see! Take a journey through New York City as it might be seen by a child through a camera lens.

Shapes, colors, patterns, and people are everywhere, and things look different depending on how you look at them — and who is doing the looking. In this playful ode to photography and point of view, a poetic story posits how one young girl might capture moments of insight, community, and art in her beloved hometown, New York City. With the popularity of camera phones, photo-journaling, and photo-posting sites, this fictional exploration of photography as one young girl’s form of self-expression is guaranteed to appeal to budding photographers.

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