Homeschool Workshop Registration: Success Stories - A Panel

Homeschool Workshop Registration: Success Stories - A Panel

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You get to define what counts as success in homeschool. But things might shift day-to-day, season-to-season, or year-to-year and it might be nice to hear how others have done it before you.

This workshop will feature these homeschool veterans who will speak to the goals they had and how they approached those goals with their families: 

  • Nicole Brooks
  • Deb Kauffman
  • Thomas & Dr. Annyce Stone


Several different paths will be represented. One family homeschooled until middle school. Another family homeschooled one child only during the high school years and the other child for 2nd-12th. 

Come hear what makes their experiences the same and what makes them different. And contemplate many ways your future could shape up!

Where: Lafayette Library Meeting Room

When: Saturday April 18th from 3-5PM

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