Boco Math One: Your New Favorite Way to Think about Mathematics

Boco Math One: Your New Favorite Way to Think about Mathematics

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Math for families with young children should be focused on experiential, project-based learning -- FUN. 

Boco Math One shows you how! 

Just Imagine...

If the only thing you get from Boco Math One is...

  • a gentle jargon-free guide to become reacquainted with math, OR 
  • a simple plan to create a life full of math-rich experiences, OR
  • the feeling of enlightenment when you recognize math in everyday life, OR
  • the superpower to learn and use math vocabulary, OR
  • a set of ten fun projects to do with your kids to practice math skills 

then it what would it be worth? You get all those things AND MORE!

Don't Sweep It Under the Rug!

Most people throw their hands in the air and hope for the best.

That leaves children with no role model for a) being brave to try something hard, b) being persistent to try again to figure it out, and c) being curious, observant, and connected learners. You can do better.  

Be brave!

Be persistent!

Be curious!

Buy Boco Math One today and be an awesome math learner (and teacher) for your kid.

It Will Work for You Year After Year!

The target audience of Boco Math One is parents of children ages 5yo-8yo but you can definitely get started early or use it to revisit math from a new perspective. 

In fact, it is intended to be revisited as the child grows because the learning outlined here and the projects included scale naturally. 

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