I understand how it feels to be worried about your child’s education because I’m a parent too. I have felt uncertain about helping my children learn a subject that I haven’t thought about for a decade (or more).

Except math. I walk and talk math.

And when I hear parents lament their math anxiety, I want to help. Luckily, I am uniquely qualified to do just that:

- My formal education is marked by two masters degrees - one in Curriculum & Instruction and the other in Electrical Engineering. So I know math and the application of math as well as theories of curriculum & instruction for teaching it well.

- I have taught math to adults at community colleges and universities in Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, and Montana, helping persons ages 18-55 learn or re-learn math.

- As an intercollegiate liaison in a program that trains future professors, I have helped people become better teachers by helping them examine their own ways of learning and to consider how others learn.

- And I have watched my own children develop mathematical repertoire.  

I love math and I love seeing people realize that they can understand and do math. That is why I wrote Boco Math One. I want to offer guidance, encouragement, and support to parents who are invested in education.

This program is the culmination of more than 20 years of my own formal and informal education across a broad range of subjects including in curriculum & instruction, engineering, parenthood, childhood development, and neurodiversity.




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Image: This is me She/her/hers, Kundalini yogi, unschooler, reader, writer, advocate for neurodiversity, LGBTQ ally. I bring all this and more to my work.


p.s. "Boco" is an abbreviation of "Boulder, Colorado." It is where I earned my MA in Curriculum and Instruction; it is where my husband works; it is where my family plays and learns together. Thus, it is the perfect moniker to capture the origin of my work. 


No one should stress over worksheets so I wrote the guide for learning math from everyday life...because when the world is your classroom you are free to learn math that matters.






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