Homeschool Workshop Registration: Homeschool Resources Fair

Homeschool Workshop Registration: Homeschool Resources Fair

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The Homeschool Resources Fair will feature:

  • Eight 4-top tables where we can meet to Buy/Sell/Trade books, manipulatives, curricula, etc. Or show off your favorite stuff for other to consider.
  • Two 6-top tables for homeschooler-run educational businesses to advertise their products or services
  • Ten 2-top tables for local businesses who cater to homeschoolers

Tickets are on sale NOW because some of the local businesses want to see a minimum number of registrants before they will commit.

So rally your friends for an afternoon of fun, buying, selling, trading, and picking each other's brains about the answer to the perennial question: "How do you homeschool?"

Are you a business and you want to promote your program? Email me to inquire about a reservation for your spot at the fair: 

I'm sorry, tickets are NON REFUNDABLE.