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Welcome New Members of BAHF - Summer 2020

Welcome to the Boulder Area Homeschool Families Facebook group!, Boco Math, Homeschool Math, Welcome

In the last month we have had a big influx of parents join us who are considering a model for learning at home due to the global pandemic. This change is new for all of us - including the people who have been longtime members of this local homeschooling community.

Before the pandemic this online group co-created a culture of support for life-long learning, custom-created for our families.

We have a lot to offer: advice, resources, support. However, this is and has been a community of thriving homeschoolers in the Boulder area for years, and as such we ask the following:

  1. Let's keep the repetitive posts to a minimum: Please use the search function to see if your question has already been answered.
  2. Respect the group culture: This group is full of veteran homeschoolers who have done solid research and have diverse experiences. The focus of this group is to discuss and support from a homeschooling perspective. You should not expect answers that will cater to school norms.
  3. Homeschooling legally: Please check out the legal ways in which to homeschool in CO and follow them accordingly.
  4. Ask questions: Don't be afraid to ask any question that you couldn't find the answer to.

We all started where you are now and relied on the veteran homeschoolers before us for support., Boco Math, Homeschool Math, Diversity, You be you 

Here is the link to the Group Announcements for you to find a lot of great information including:

  • "Expectations for Participation" i.e. Group Rules
  • A Brief Welcome Regarding Inclusion
  • Homeschool Vets Answer the Perennial Question: "How do you homeschool?"
  • Homeschool Workshops Sign-up (Currently on hold due to pandemic.)
  • Homeschool Treasury - A One-stop shop for Colorado Homeschool Resources
  • Introductions
  • Local Providers
  • Support Homeschooler-run Businesses!
  • Assessments

 Also, please check out my recent blog about Co-ops and Pods.


Julie Schneider, MSE, MA

Admin of Boulder Area Homeschool Families Facebook group and

Author of Boco Math One: Your New Favorite Way to Think about Mathematics


No one should toil over worksheets so I wrote the guide for learning math from everyday life...because when the world is your classroom you are free to learn math that matters.




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Wonderful, wonderful. Learning is our lifestyle for all subjects. Our family created a culture over the last 11.5 years and it’s been wonderful and hard. My husband’s schedule is so crazy, my kids don’t even no what weekends are. They know it’s just another day and they’re learning all the time. It’s hard to take the hits from pandemic schoolers- especially the whining about how hard this is. My Catie told a friend, “THIS (pandemic) is NOT homeschooling. We used to be out and about every day!”


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