The Deficit-Model of Learning and Why it Sucks


The deficit model of learning (and living) erodes mental health.

What is a deficit model?

The deficit model of learning focuses on what you cannot do, especially by comparing you to others.

It is punctuated by summative assessments (e.g., standardized tests) that tell you how far from average you are by comparing you to others.

If you are deemed too far away from average then you are told what you have to do in order to be more average. Typically using techniques that work for the average person.

Sound familiar? There isn't any wonder why there is a mental health crisis.

Sad person in the dark,, Photo by Gadiel Lazcano on Unsplash 

I help you recognize and celebrate your strengths.

I am an advocate for strengths-based learning and living.

A strengths-based model focuses on what you can do. It emphasizes what are your needs without comparing you to the general public. And it utilizes your talents to accomplish your goals.

This is not necessarily easy.

Recognizing what you can do means pausing long enough to see it and experience it.

Celebrating your strengths means believing that your strengths are valid, that they are worth something, YOU are worth something. Even more so if what you can do sets you apart

Imagine a world where people see and encourage all the wonderful things they can do! 
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You can pursue meaningful living and learning with confidence. 

We work together to design and implement a plan for a strengths-based approach to learning or living.

It is empowering to recognize and celebrate your strengths. Imagine capitalizing on all the things you can do in order to achieve your goals! 

It will be your life, defined by you, achieved because of your strength (and, possibly, done with my help).

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 I work one-on-one or with groups. 

 Choose a single meeting or on-going support. 


"Before reaching out to Esme I was lost in the homeschool world, I really didn't know what I was doing. She helped me figure out the rhythms of my sons learning styles, how to not compare myself to other homeschoolings and together we came up with a pretty slick tracking tool. Since working with Esme I feel much more confident, organized and relaxed in my organization of it all." ~ Roz






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