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Parkour & Sensory Processing Disorder

Are you looking for a FANTASTIC program for families with tweens or teens who are looking to get stronger, faster, and more super-hero-esque? Well, I can recommend one because we recently started a self-paced program to learn parkour at home. (Thanks COVID19.)

But family fitness isn’t the even the best thing that has come from the first few weeks of working on parkour together.

The best thing that has come from leading my 2e ten year old son in parkour lessons at home is summed up by his statement:

“I know what my mind wants me to do but I don’t know if my body is doing it.”

Wow. So despite seven years of occupational therapy and other therapeutic interventions, my son is STILL getting a feel for his body. AND he’s able to articulate it. AND I’m reminded that he has some serious challenges from sensory processing disorder.

Photo by Shaurya Kauhsish on Unsplash, Parkour,, Boco Math, Homeschool Math

The movement was simple - shoulder rolls - and I hadn’t expected it to be particularly challenging. But for him it was!  So…

We watched the video about how to do shoulder rolls. Then I demonstrated it slowly for him. Then he tried it. He could see what he should be doing in the video but he couldn’t tell if he was doing it because of sensory processing disorder. I confirmed that he was doing it perfectly and suggested that he look in a mirror to see himself. (He declined.) In all of this I was reminded that my child just needs more time to learn certain things. He can learn them if we’re both patient and persistent.

If your child is like mine and is a sensory seeker they might need tighter hugs, harder falls, heavier blankets to get enough information to recognize with their body what is going on. You might work on it for a decade and still need more. AND THAT’S OK. The most important thing you can do is be patient and keep working at it.,



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