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Mathical Book Prize Collection

Math + Magical = Mathical

I fell down a rabbit hole and look what I found! Something called the "Mathical Book Prize!" I think that's Math + Magical because the books on this list combine the math of life with the delight of magic.

Math is more than numbers and equations! The Mathical Book Prize is an annual award for fiction and nonfiction books that inspire children of all ages to see math in the world around them.
Award-winning Mathical titles are selected by a nationwide committee of mathematicians, educators, librarians, early childhood experts, and others. Each year’s selections joins a growing list of stories ranging from picture books and graphic novels to chapter books and young adult literature. 
The Mathical Book Prize is awarded by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), in partnership with the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and in coordination with the Children’s Book Council (CBC). (From, Boco Math, Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

Dependable Website Lists

I got a little frustrated because the website was down and crashing a lot. So when I got a good day I hunkered down and curated my own lists that I can depend on.

Boco Locals & the Flatirons Library Consortium

As always when I'm considering books, I started my hunt at the local library. The Flatirons Library Consortium had almost every book! 

Flatirons Library Consortium,, Boco Math

For the Boco locals, I've created a list at the Flatirons Library Consortium! The books are now right at your fingertips and it is nice and easy for you to place holds:

Boco Learning VIPs

I didn't want to leave out my customers who aren't local so I curated special collections for Boco Learning VIPs. There is one collection for each age range Preschoolers, Ages 5-7, Ages 8-10, Ages 11-13, and Ages 14-18. 

Being a Boco Learning VIP only requires a willingness to try. Sign up for the Newsletter to discover VIP resources today and get monthly encouragement to be the best math parent you can be.

Planning a Year's Worth of Math Reading!

My biggest challenge from here on out will be managing my tendency to binge-read. A healthier approach that works better for my family will be to spread it out a little. Maybe we'll read one picture book per week. Unless we grab a chapter book - then we'll need about a month to work our way through it as a read aloud. 

Which List Will You Start With?

My family usually samples from several of these age-ranges. So I might just rotate based on what is available at the library. The books for Ages 14-18 look a little heavy for my kiddos so after I finish the other two novels in my queue I think I'll dive into Binti!


No one should slave over worksheets so I wrote the guide for learning math from everyday life...because when the world is your classroom you are free to learn math that matters.

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