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How to Shadow Dance with Pizzaz

Are you looking for a pick-me-up for the shortest days, the earliest nights, the restlessness of winter? Look no further. Shadow dancing can bring some giggles and some creative movement into your family's life.

And with a little tweak, it can have the pizzaz inspired by MisterWives in their Video for Superbloom.


See Shadow Dancing with Multiple Spotlights  




Purchase three spotlights and colored gels

(Notes: I use these from Target but you might like these spotlights, which look good for using binder clips for attaching the gels, or a lamp with three lights.) 

Gel Overlay Spotlight,, Homeschool, Unschool, Homeschool Math



Set up spotlights.

- Create a backdrop - find or make an empty wall. (I realize this might be the hardest step.)

- Cut gel and tape it to spotlight.

- Point lights at a wall. 

 Here's my set-up:

Three spotlights for shadow dancing,, Homeschool Math, Unschool


Have a dance party!


STEP 5 (optional): 

Learn about RGB light stuff here. 


Fun, right?!

It is easy and inexpensive to do at home! And it is the perfect thing to have in your back pocket to celebrate the change of seasons, as a pick-me-up on a rainy or snowy day, or as a special surprise for a family-friendly New Years party! 

Have fun!!! 

Note: I didn't have problems with the gels getting hot. It is what they are designed to do. However, you are responsible for keeping your family safe.




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