Homeschool Workshops: Topics

Homeschool Workshops: Topics

It is the perennial question:

How do you homeschool?


We ask this question to ourselves and to each other at every stage and for every age. So that is the question that drives the topics for the Homeschool Workshops that are scheduled for spring 2020!  

Photo by Sidharth Bhatia on Unsplash

 At the Lafayette Library we will be exploring the following topics:

  • Saturday January 18, 2020. Celebrating Beginnings with Storytelling and Deep Listening
  • Sunday February 16, 2020. Homeschool Perspectives, a Panel
  • Sunday March 15, 2020. Troubleshooting Together
  • Saturday April 18, 2020. Success Stories, a Panel
  • Saturday May 16, 2020. Resources Share

More information about topics, members of the panels, and exact times will follow. And space will be limited. So sign up below to stay informed and to get an email invitation when registration opens.


 Walking the road less traveled as educators is as unnerving as it is exciting. So I create Homeschool events for the local community to connect in person because everyone deserves to find the comfort and confidence that comes with sharing space and ideas with educational allies.

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