Homeschool Workshop: Panelist Introduction - Kate McVeety

Homeschool Workshop: Panelist Introduction - Kate McVeety

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my dear friend Kate McVeety, who has volunteered to be a panelist in February.

Kate McVeety

            "I am, and have been, many things in this life – daughter, sister, athlete, student, teacher, wife, neighbor, friend, YouTube and blog creator. But the most challenging and rewarding endeavor I have ever undertaken is undoubtedly homeschooling my 2 kids (ages 12 and 10).

            There is no other thing I would rather do right now!

            One quality I brought with me into this journey was a love of learning. After 8 years of college, I was disappointed that I had to stop. I wanted to be a lifelong learner. And now, as a homeschooler, I get to learn everyday – whether it is re-learning the quadratic formula or learning to enjoy the fleeting things in life (like the joy on a kid’s face when they discover something for themselves).

            My life may have been shaped by my upbringing in Australia, my two decades in team sports, studying business and education, my travels to a dozen countries, and the wonderful family and friends that I have surrounded myself with. But it is my desire to guide, mentor, teach, and learn that carries me on my homeschooling journey with my kids.        .

            Another characteristic that is at the core of who I am and what I do is that I give it my all. I fully immerse myself and dedicate everything I have to whatever I have chosen to do and try to have no regrets when I decide to move on to a new adventure.  I have always been a workaholic and my “work” right now is guiding my kids on their academic journey. Given my big, juicy, wonderful set of life experiences, it is no surprise that I now have an eclectic, experience-rich, roadschooling, multi-approach homeschool.

            I love to talk about homeschooling and hope to mentor parents new to homeschooling – whether that’s just by sharing my story or with ongoing guidance.  If you are on, or considering, a homeschool journey, I wish you safe passage……One Adventure at a Time."



Kate will be a panelist at the Homeschool Workshop on February 16, 2020.  

Where: Lafayette Library Meeting Room

When: Sunday February 16, 2020 2:30-4:15

Tickets on sale at in February.



 Walking the road less traveled as educators is as unnerving as it is exciting. So I create Homeschool events for the local community to connect in person because everyone deserves to find the comfort and confidence that comes with sharing space and ideas with educational allies.

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