Gameschool: Math Lessons in Bears vs Babies

What if you could sneak in some practice with multiplication on the weekend? With Bears vs. Babies, you could! 

The Distributive Law says that:


and that is exactly what came up while I was playing Bears vs. Babies with my son!

We did it in our heads and by tapping the cards while we counted. At the time, I took a moment to talk about it with my son. We noticed that we were doing the calculation differently but that we were getting the same answer.

When I got home, I wrote it down for you - my readers who have the world as their classroom.

Take for example the monster I created:

  • A Grizzly Bear (worth 3 points)
  • Who is Being Piloted by a Robo-squirrel (worth 2 points)
  • With a Chainsaw arm (1 point) and a bat wing (1 point)
  • Wearing a Party Hat (which doubles the total points of the monster), Gameschool, Boco Math, Bears vs. Babies

When my son did the math he tapped the head and counted, "3, 6" then tapped the body twice and counted "2, 4" then the chainsaw "1, 2" and the bat wing "1, 2." He went on to say, "So 6 plus 4 plus 2 plus 2. 14!"

When I did the math I tapped each body part and counted as I went: "3, 5, 6, 7. So two times seven is 14."

Both ways are right. It is exactly the Distributive Law in math and it will work every time!

This is exactly the opportunity that leading a Boco Math Lifestyle creates!

We believe that you should never stop learning, fear is the enemy, and being curious and courageous are the best ways to grow your knowledge. If you're curious about learning more then check this is free to get started!





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