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Boco Learning & the Brave Writer Homeschool Alliance Master Class

I am very excited to announce that I will be presenting a webinar for the Brave Writer Homeschool Alliance Master Class in April!

Find out more here:

"Worried about your children’s math skills? Your own relationship to math?

Did you know your feelings about math and your kids impact how well your children learn mathematics?

In April’s Brave Writer Homeschool Alliance Master Class, we’ll explore how to live a mathematical lifestyle, so “Everyday Math” can become a foundational part of math learning in your homeschool from early childhood through high school. " 

I will present a webinar “How to Follow a Child’s Curiosity to Conquer Your Anxiety and Help them Succeed in Math” at 7 pm ET, Thursday, April 9 for the Brave Writer Homeschool Alliance!

Hope to see you there!

No one should slave over worksheets so I wrote the guide for learning math from everyday life...because when the world is your classroom you are free to learn math that matters.

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